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How to Link Facebook to Twitter

Did you realize that you can interface Facebook to Twitter? Continue perusing to figure out how to associate the two records so your notices are consequently posted as tweets. This will enable you to keep your companions and different contacts state-of-the-art in the two spots without multiplying post everything.

How would you interface a Facebook page to Twitter? The most straightforward approach to interface the two locales is by changing the settings for your pages att tp:/www.facebook.com/twitter. This enables you to set up the connection and pick which kinds of updates to share. For instance, you may share joins and statuses, yet not photographs or video. This setting is accessible for pages however, not for individual profiles.

Would you like to realize how to share the announcements on your profile as well? For that, you should utilize an application. For instance, the Twitter application on Facebook will carry out the responsibility and is genuinely easy to figure out how to introduce and utilize.

Okay prefer to figure out how to share just certain updates? For that, you need an alternate application. The Selective Twitter Status application will just share Facebook notices that end with the #fb hash tag. So when you are refreshing your FB Status, simply include #fb toward the end on the off chance that you need it posted on Twitter also.

What different applications are accessible? There are an assortment of applications that can interface the two records, so if the two above don’t work for you, you can attempt TweetDeck, Involver, TweetSync, SocialScope or one of the numerous different applications that have been produced for this reason.