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Glossary of Dishwasher

Movable Racks

Redo the racking to suit your everyday needs and make it simpler to fit more into the vaatwassers.

Auto Clean

The wash cycle settings naturally utilize a sensor to screen the flush water until your dishes are spotless.

Temperature Control

Guarantee the best possible temperature is gone after the best execution – most models naturally include the right measure of hot and cold water.

Control Type

Electronic controls are typically contact catch senor type with a perceptible tone when squeezed.

Mechanical controls are normally push catches, dials or a mix of both

Cutlery Tray

Models regularly incorporate a different cutlery plate which is especially valuable for bigger things like cutting blades, soup spoons and other huge cooking or serving instruments.

Kid Lock

Dishwashers can get uncommonly hot inside so it is an incredible security include if a youngster lock prevents a kid from opening the dishwasher entryway during the washing cycle.


A few models differ in washing speed, water weight and water temperature. Each cycle varies the quantity of washes and flushes.

Cycle Progress Indicators

This is the means by which you know the status of the cycle through a showcase.

Postpone Start

The dishwasher will begin at an advantageous time or when off-crest power rates are accessible.

Hard Food Disposal

This element can wipe out the requirement for flushing dishes before washing. A few dishwashers have a hard nourishment transfer unit, fit for crushing strong sustenance down into littler particles to fit through the channel.


Can be utilized to build vitality proficiency and can likewise diminish commotion.

Plate Warmer

This is an element that enables you to warm your plates before you serve sustenance.

Flush Aid Dispenser

An answer known as flush guide can improve drying results and anticipate spotting and recording.

Wash and Hold Cycle

This is convenient when you need to hold off for a full burden as you can flush and leave dishes in the dishwasher.

Overly Hot Final Rise

An excessively hot last flush more than 150 degrees or higher aiding the expulsion of microbes is offered by certain models.

Treated Steel Interior

A hardened steel inside covering, expanding effectiveness and empowers water to achieve a higher temperature all the more rapidly is accessible in certain models.